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USCIS 800 Number Saturday Hours are Not For Attorneys

January 28, 2013

Author: New York Immigration Attorney Alena Shautsova

I was very excited to learn a couple weeks ago that the USCIS will provide its 800 service on Saturday.

I was very disappointed yesterday to learn that the Saturday service is useless if you are an attorney. A “TIER 2” Rep is required to answer the call when an attorney is on the online, and because a “TIER 2” Rep is not available on Saturdays, hence, I have to call back during the week.

Now, my question is what good does a USCIS 800 number Saturday service do, if it supposingly helps only non-lawyers?

Another issue with the 800 number is when I manage reach them, and they do locate the file, and the Tier 2 rep is stating that he/she will do something, THEY DO NOT DO it. They simply do not do it, and then there is no recourse against it.


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