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Deferred Action Application for Childhood Arrivals

August 31, 2012

Author: Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova

Deferred Action Application for Childhood Arrivals

With an announcement of the new Obama supported Immigration policy for young undocumented immigrants, millions received hope to stay and work in the country legally.

The deferred action application process calls for submission of certain forms published on the USCIS website, as well as supporting documents. While the guidance published by the USCIS help with the confusing questions in application forms, many should still consult with an attorney while filing for this relief.

The common questions are:

  • Shall I disclose to the authorities that I used false documents to enter the country?
  • How can I prove that I was physically present in the country on June 15, 2012?
  • Shall I disclose that I used someone’s social security number?
    Will other members of my family be affected by my application?
  • May the authorities use the information in the application for future removal proceedings?

Some representatives of the community strongly suggest not to file for the relief at all as it may expose the potential immigrant to the future removal proceedings. However, depending on personal circumstances, including possibility to adjust status through family immigration, be sponsored by an employer, or qualify for other relief, an applicant should simply make a informant decision and choose what is in his/her best interest. If you are looking for answers to the questions concerning DACA application, New York Immigration Lawyer can help you! Call today 917-885-2261.

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