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Unlawful Presence And Citizens Of Canada

May 20, 2013

Unlawful Presence For Canadian Citizens

Unlawful presence is usually starts to run when a person, who is not a US citizen or US permanent resident overstays their visa or authorized stay. It does not start to run for holders of D/S I-94s, such as F-1 or J-1 students, for whom a USCIS officer or an Immigration Judge has  not rendered a decision as to termination of their status and that they have to leave the country.

However, the question remains as to the validity of status for those who came in the US without a visa, such as citizens of Canada who come to the US without being formally “admitted.”
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Can I File For Asylum if my Visa Expires?

February 4, 2013

Author: New York Asylum Attorney

Many asylum applicants are confused regarding the procedure of filing for asylum. Let’s say someone came here from Egypt (a country with recent change in country conditions) and now they face a question: shall they file for asylum in the US or shall they do it from their home country. Many potential applicants are afraid that by the time they prepare their application in the US, their visas will expire, and they become illegal.
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Employee Visa News From US Embassy In Mexico

January 16, 2013

Expedited Visa Processing for Employees

New program to facilitate business relationship between the USA and Mexico has been implemented that will speed up visa processing for employees:

“The United States Embassy is pleased to announce the expansion of its Business Facilitation Program (BFP) that allows access to expedited visa processing for employees of qualifying firms traveling to the U.S. on company business. The BFP will provide time-saving benefits for businesses whose employees need to travel to the U.S., and highlights the United States’ commitment to deepening trade and economic engagement with Mexico.

The BFP is open throughout Mexico and is available at all U.S. Consulates and the Embassy.  The BFP requires interested firms to register with the U.S. Embassy’s or Consulates’ Consular Section.

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