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I-601 Fraud Extreme Hardship Waiver: I am inadmissible, but someone still needs my help!

December 17, 2012

If you entered the country using someone else’s passport, you are inadmissible, and hence cannot receive permanent residency even if you are married to a US citizen. However, if your US citizen or a permanent resident spouse or parent needs your help, the I-601 extreme hardship waiver might be your only option.

The first question anyone should ask is what constitutes an extreme hardship in the eyes of the USCIS. The answer is not so simple. The immigration officer will look at all the details of your application before making a decision. Every answer counts, which means you need to eliminate the possibility of  a misinterpretation. The extreme hardship can be demonstrated through an extreme financial hardship, medical hardship, psychological hardship, etc.

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I have married a US Citizen, now what? (citizen married to non citizen)

December 15, 2012

I’m sure we all know that by just marrying a US citizen you are not granted citizenship immediately right? Wrong, many people are unaware that paperwork has to be filed, and more importantly that after the paperwork is reviewed it can be stamped with that 6 letter word everyone fears the most, DENIED. Wondering what to do next after you have married a US Citizen? The first step is simple file for a green card; however, most immigrants overlook minor details, omit information, or just rush to hand in their application once they are legally hitched.

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